See nature


Several species can be seen and/or heard regularly in Norfolk Heritage Park and Jervis Lum. You can download our birdspotter’s sheet below for an idea of which to look out for.

Jervis Lum

Jervis Lum in spring

Jervis Lum is a wooded valley on the eastern side of Norfolk Heritage Park and is one of the best areas in the park in which to look for wildlife. ‘The Lum’ as it is known locally, is classified as ancient woodland. This is woodland which has been in existence for more than 400 years which makes it older than the park itself. Ancient woodlands are one of the richest habitats we have and support an amazing array of animals and plants.

Download our leaflet below for information on what to look out for at different times of the year.

All around the park

There is plenty to see all over the park, not just in Jervis Lum! For instance, in the autumn there are many different types of fungi to be seen sprouting on trees and dead wood. Spring flowers also pop up in the wooded areas.